Business / 事業概要

Since 1996, our firm strongly support your innovation connecting with customers and goods, customers and other customers, customers and customer’s possibility.
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If you want to know something about the goods we deal in, please see the following page.

【食品分野】Food Relative
・食品添加物の販売 Selling Food Additives
・食品添加物原料の調達 Selling Raw Materials for Food Additives
【医療分野】Medical Relative
・医療機器の販売・貸与 Selling and Lending Medical Equipments
・医療機器用部品・部材の調達 Selling Parts and Frames for Medical Equipment
【化粧品・健康分野】Health and Cosmetic Relatives
・化粧品の販売 Selling Cosmetics
・健康食品の販売 Selling Health Foods